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The Żywiec Brewery Museum

The Żywiec Brewery was founded in 1856 by Archduke Albrecht Friedrich Habsburg, and is one of the most famous breweries of Europe. 150 years later a fascinating museum opened in its oldest, historic part…

Opening hours

Tuesday – Sunday
hours: 10:00 – 18:00

Monday – closed

of the Archducal Brewery

Beer barrels not only
for aging beer

Up until the 1880s, wooden barrels were the primary way of packaging the brewery’s beer. The barrels were transported on wagons, and in winter on sledges. The brewery employed between 20 and 30 wagon drivers, until direct access to European railways was gained when a railways siding was opened in 1891. From that time on, railways became the main means of transporting the beer. To deliver beer to distant destinations, the brewery’s barrel shop built special 200-litre barrels known as “dublak”. Both barrels and bottles were specially marked with a crown and the name of the brewery.

Beer tokens

The brewery minted its own coins which were used as additional pay for its employees. These beer tokens, decorated with the archducal crown, could be exchanged for beer in the nearby inns and taverns. During the interwar period, each employee received between 2 and 6 litres of beer depending on the position he occupied.

Glasses, mugs, and stemmed glasses…

Glass is of primary importance in beer culture. The shape of the glass is carefully chosen to match the style of beer, in order to enhance its characteristic features such as colour, head, and aroma. Equally important are the graphic logos on the glass, which are dedicated to individual brands and producers.

Advertising materials

From the very beginning of its operations, the brewery placed great importance on marketing. To promote its products, the brewery often used advertising boards, which were located in beer-drinking areas and in the brewery’s branch offices, for example in Budapest.

  • Museum closing days in 2023
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  • The museum is open from May 4, 2021
  • Museum closing days in 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

When can the Museum be visited?

The Museum is open six days a week, from Tuesday through Sunday, from 10:00-18:00. On Mondays the Museum is closed. A list of other days on which the Museum is closed is displayed in the News tab. The Museum can only be visited in groups together with a guide.

Who is the owner of the Żywiec Brewery Museum?

The owner of the Żywiec Brewery Museum is Grupa Żywiec Sp. z o.o. with head offices in Żywiec (34-300), at ul. Browarna 88.

What is the total floor space of the Museum?

The Brewery Museum is located in the former aging cellars. Its total surface area is more than 1600 m2.

Is there a souvenir shop?

There is a souvenir shop located on the premises of the Museum, where items associated with the Museum and the Żywiec brand can be purchased.

Is the Museum adapted for visits by the handicapped?

We have prepared our Museum so that those with handicaps can easily enjoy it.

What languages are tours conducted in?

We can provide tours in Polish, English, German, and Czech. Please indicate the language you prefer for your guide during the reservation process. If your group includes two languages, please indicate so while making your reservation.

How much does entry to the Museum cost?

Please refer to the current price list.

Does the Museum provide a guide?

The museum can be visited with or without a guide. In the case of a self-guided tour, you will receive paper guides to the Museum exhibition.

Can minors visit the Museum?

Yes. However, minors can only visit the Museum accompanied by an adult.

Are there restaurant facilities at the Museum?

On the premises of the Brewery in the old malt room, visitors can enjoy the Żywiecka Restaurant and Żywiecka Beerhouse where regional dishes and all types of beer produced by Grupa Żywiec S.A. are served.

Do I have to reserve a time for my visit prior to arrival?

To visit the Museum, you should reserve your visit by telephone, by using the internet form, or by e-mail. Priority is given to individuals and groups who have made a reservation and received a confirmation.

Can I visit the Museum individually?

Yes. Those visitors who arrive individually will be added to organised groups.

How much time does a tour take?

You should plan 1.5 hours to visit the Museum and enjoy the beer-tasting afterwards. A tour of the Museum and Brewery will take about 2.5 hours.

Is there accommodation available?

Unfortunately, we do not arrange accommodation. We suggest that you use our regional website (www.zywiecczyzna.pl), where you are certain to find many accommodation options.